Comprehensive Literacy Solutions for Today’s Culturally Diverse Classrooms!
English and Spanish
Grades K-6

Program Overview

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Benchmark Advance Program Guide 15 Minute Program Overview

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Engage Each Student in Critical Thinking and Discussion

It’s All About:

Each Learner

Beginning with the Whole Child
Each student sees him- or herself as a reader and a writer.

Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Expectations

It’s All About:

The Texts

Building Perspectives and Content Knowledge

Engaging Text Sets

3-week units build vocabulary.

  • Develop content knowledge as students listen to multiple complex texts.
  • Engage students as they analyze texts and identify text evidence while annotating.
In Grades K-1, topic text sets are provided as big books and lap books.
In Grades 2-6, text sets called Texts for Close Reading are provided as write-in texts for each unit topic.
Whole-Group Texts That Students Want to Read

Texts reflect today’s classrooms as students see themselves in the texts and build perspectives.

Small-Group Texts That Are Worth Reading

Original works from celebrated authors that students want to read.

Poetry Out Loud!

Poetic interpretations recorded by actors and other public figures spark engaging discussions.

Sing, Swing & Learn

Engage students with songs that introduce the topic and enhance vocabulary development.

Engage Students with Reader’s Theater!

Build fluency and automaticity through interactivity. Two scripts for each unit expand the concept of the unit topic.

Novel Study

Full novels are provided digitally for Grades 2-6, each with a Teacher’s Guide and support materials.

Knowledge-Building Topic Libraries

Multiple texts create opportunities for deeper knowledge-building.

Texts That Are Worth Reading

  • Builds background and deeper knowledge on the unit topic
  • Engages students with a variety of texts that align to the unit topic
  • Includes text evidence questions for students to practice citing evidence

Vertically Aligned Topics and Texts

Grade by grade, knowledge grows. Students begin each grade with essential background information, and then expand their topic knowledge and vocabulary in the new year.

  • Grades K-6 vertical and horizontal alignment builds knowledge and background over time.
  • 10 topic-based units per grade revolve around an Essential Question.
  • Unit resources honor each language with language-based instruction and authentic texts.

Creating Independent Readers and Writers

It’s All About:

The Foundation

Building for Successful Transfer

Explicit and Systematic Phonics Instruction

  • Purposeful scope & sequence and spiral review with repetition cycle
  • Frequent application to real reading and writing experiences
  • Built-in differentiation for efficient use of instructional time
  • Print and digital phonics tools

Grades K-1

A gradual release of responsibility is embedded in each unit-specific consumable student book, following a We Read & We Write to I Read & I Write model.

Grades 2-6

Texts for Close Reading include Word Study Reads, providing practice and application.

Grade 2 Word Study book provides additional authentic reading practice and connected text.

Teaching the Child, Not the Book

It’s All About:

The Responsive Teacher

Teaching to Reach Each Learner

Small-Group Instruction Focused on Learners’ Identified Needs

  • Small-group topic texts scaffold students to grade-level text.
  • Close reading of complex text supports deep comprehension.
  • Ongoing observations, Look-Fors, and assessments guide instruction.
Targeted Intervention Resources to Support Opportunity Gaps
  • Quick Checks inform exit/entry placement, saving teachers time.
  • Addresses specific skills tied to assessments for clear next steps.
  • Instruction scaffolds students to on-grade-level expectations.
Tools to Support Constructive
  • Real-World Perspectives align text sets to authentic situations that engage students.
  • Explicit instruction is included on how to state, build, clarify, and evaluate an idea from text sets.
  • Oral language development opportunities engage students in relevant discussions.
Differentiated Support Scaffolds Students to On-Grade-Level Text
  • Integrated ELD support is included in every mini-lesson.
  • Support is differentiated at 3 levels—light, moderate, and substantial—and connected to the mini-lesson task.
  • Additional suggested language objectives for each unit help extend instruction.
  • Connect English Learners to complex grade-level text using interactive annotations.

Efficient, Effective Use of Instructional Time

It’s All About:

The Time

Making Your Minutes Count

Benchmark Advance Makes Efficient Use of Your Instructional Time

  • Predicable routines provide effective use of your time block.
  • Built-in gradual release of responsibility from whole group to small group/independent time.
  • Flexible daily lesson plan can fit your district’s language arts block, providing a quick start to implementation.

Pacing is available for 150-, 120-, and 90-minute literacy blocks. See sample 120-minute Pacing Guides for:

Benchmark Universe Digital Platform

It’s All About:

The Technology

Online Portal for Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Available Anywhere, Anytime

  • All Benchmark Advance print components are available digitally, plus additional content and software are available digital-only!
  • Easy-to-access digital library
  • Compatible with modern browsers and classroom devices
  • Includes pre-made interactive distance learning assignments for students

Every student text is available as an interactive e-book!

  • Synchronized, adjustable-speed audio
  • Text annotation and note-taking tools
  • Embedded videos to bring learning to life
ePocket Chart

An interactive, digital version of a time-tested classroom tool.

  • Preloaded cards for phonics and word study work
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Flexibility for use in whole group, small group, or independent practice

Videos are available to support many aspects of instruction.

  • Media Source Videos for writing to multimedia sources and research
  • Foundational Skills Videos for supporting instruction with letters, phonics, and high-frequency words
  • Unit Opener Videos for building knowledge and content vocabulary, and introducing the Essential Question

Online Assessments

It’s All About:

The Data

Tools to Inform Instruction and Monitor Student Progress

Test-Taking Environment for Students

Prepare students for the format and environment of state assessments.
  • Mirrors high-stakes assessment environment
  • Includes technology-enhanced item types such as drag-and-drop, multi-part, and multi-select
  • Aligns with ELA Standards
  • Weekly and Unit Assessments, Interim Assessments, and Performance Tasks are available at every grade, K-6.

Standards-Based Reporting for Teachers and Administrators

Track student progress and identify opportunity gaps.

Below is a class-level report showing a class’s performance on ELA Standards.