Florida B.E.S.T. Expectations

Florida Assessments & Reports

Fully Aligned to B.E.S.T. Standards

Built to help you transition to the new assessment and new standards, Florida Benchmark Advance assessments are aligned to both sets of standards.

  • Available as paper/pencil or eAssessments.
  • Answer keys with item rationales explain why each response is correct or incorrect.
  • Powerful standards-based reporting platform included.
  • Reports available at multiple levels: student, class, school, and district.

Weekly & Unit Assessments

Interim Assessments

to B.E.S.T.

Each question is aligned to B.E.S.T. Standards to provide a smooth transition into the new Florida assessment.

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Item Rationales

For every question, a rationale is provided, offering valuable information about the “why” behind each correct and incorrect answer choice.

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Writing Aligned to Florida Assessment

Prompts and rubrics mirror Florida Standards Assessments, preparing students for high-stakes experiences.

Powerful Standards-Based Reporting

Track student progress and identify opportunity gaps to achieve year-end outcomes.

Reports are available at multiple levels – student, class, school, and district – and can be shared amongst educators and parents.